October 19, 2016

Remember, remember, your horse this November

This article was written by Andie Vilela, Redwings Education and Campaigns Manager

Fireworks are a worry for many animal owners and it can be difficult to protect horses from the fear that fireworks often provoke.

Horses’ hearing is more sensitive than a human’s, and noises that are loud to us can be unbearable and terrifying to them.

A frightened horse is a dangerous horse and there is little an owner can do to prevent an accident once the flight instinct has taken hold. Not only are horses at risk of injuring themselves, but they may break out of fields or stables and pose a risk to road users.

Every year tragic incidents occur and the cost, both emotional and financial, can be immense. Redwings Horse Sanctuary sadly know this all too well after the tragic loss of Cinders, a rescued horse who dislocated a joint in her hoof when she panicked after hearing fireworks nearby. Her heart-breaking story can be read here- https://www.redwings.org.uk/news-and-views/horses-and-fireworks.

Redwings Education and Campaign Manager Andie Vilela has some top tips for keeping your horse safe:

  • Check your local area for publicised events so you can prepare ahead
  • Keep friends together. Your horse will cope better with his pals around
  • Don’t plan any rides, evening hacks or book the school. Keep yourself as safe as your horse
  • Keep a radio on in the stable to help mask noise
  • Ensure fields are hazard-free to help reduce the risk to galloping horses

Download Redwings’ full checklist for keeping your horse safe – https://www.redwings.org.uk/horses-and-fireworks.


More about Redwings: Redwings Horse Sanctuary was established in 1984 and has grown to be the largest horse sanctuary in the UK. Redwings are dedicated to saving horses, ponies, donkeys and mules whose future would otherwise be bleak. The charity now cares for over 1,500 rescued horses and donkeys at ten centres around the UK every day and has a further 500 living out in Guardian homes.

For more information about Redwings’ education work, email education@redwings.co.uk.

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