June 29, 2016

Benefits of equine sports massage

Certified Equine Sports and rehabilitation massage therapist Emma Beckham discusses the various massages available and how they benefit your horse.

Emma career started with the help of Helen Woolley, from Equissage Europe. Now, as a fully qualified Equine Sports and Rehabilitation Massage Therapist Emma explains the benefits of Equine sports massages for all types of horses, not just those who are injured.

Treatment helps to:

  • Enhances muscle tone and increases range of movement
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling in joints and alleviates pain
  • The body is treated as a whole which assists in balancing the body
  • Stimulates circulation, releasing natural pain killers (endorphins) and improved circulation helps carry away excessive fluids and toxins.

A sports massage is suitable for all equines from retired horses to top competition horses and can prevent injury.

After a massage a horse actually looks like he has been to the gym. His veins are easy to see and the coat is glossy. With the circulation going it helps stimulate the elimination of toxins in the system which is why a horse should be encouraged to drink plenty after a sports massage and to prevent stiffness that can occur the next day.

The three types of massage available are:

  • Routine or rehabilitation
  • Pre event – loosens, warms and get the muscles ready for an event
  • Post event – relieves muscle pain and stiffness by returning the muscles to a normal state much faster than if they had been allowed to go without a massage. After vigorous exercise dehydration takes place in the horse and with the loss of fluids it’s harder for him to cool down.


Thermal imaging is sometimes offered alongside this. This is provided to help spot and monitor sore areas and treat accordingly; although this is not diagnosing a problem, it can help by showing sore areas that may have been overlooked.

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