November 7, 2016

Retraining a Racehorse: Introduction

In preparation for our upcoming series on Rehoming a Racehorse, we introduce writers Fred and Rowena Cook, of Equine Management and Training.

Fred and Rowena Cook run a training yard in Lincolnshire near the Cambridgeshire border. Their business name of Equine Management and Training (EMT) perfectly describes what is on offer – a complete and very thorough management and training service.

At EMT, every aspect of a horse’s physical and psychological welfare is examined in the most minute detail, as the philosophy is always to ensure that apart from being physically ready and able to do as asked, a horse must also be mentally ready and able to cope, thus ensuring that training is always a positive experience – never a negative one. Whatever training a horse needs, whether it be starting its riding career, progressing schooling, jumping training, remedial schooling, rehabilitative exercise or correcting poor behaviour on the ground or under saddle, owners can be assured that their horse will be an enthusiastic and very happy worker; it is little wonder that often there is a 3-month waiting list for horses to benefit from the holistic and empathic way in which horses are managed and trained.

EMT have gained a great reputation for their skills in resolving issues when things go wrong and rehabilitation is now a significant part of their work for horses both in and out of training. And whilst they increasing prep horses going into training, it is retraining racehorses for which they are perhaps currently most well-known. They worked very closely with the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) charity since its inception in 2000, until the beginning of this year as the Charity’s Training Consultants, providing help and advice to racehorse and ex-racehorse owners around the UK. With their easy, comforting manner and very understanding, patient, supportive approach in providing no-nonsense practical advice from their seeming bottomless pit of knowledge, it not surprising that Fred and Rowena are very much in demand and so continue to offer this service although of course this is not now ex-racehorse specific.

EMT have long been involved in the rehoming of ex-racehorses so have recently established a formal programme for so doing, “Rehoming Racehorses – A Life After Racing”, which is rapidly gaining support and popularity with more horses being needed in the system to meet demand.

Very committed to endorsing products they genuinely believe in, has led to wonderful support from a variety of companies who appreciate the reputation and professionalism of EMT. So when not training horses or answering calls and emails, Fred and Rowena can be found donning their PR hats!

Everyone who meets Fred and Rowena readily pick up on the great passion they have for what they do, and find they are abound with enthusiasm. When questioned, they will both say that although their job can be challenging, it is extremely satisfying and rewarding.

In the first part of the series, Fred and Rowena Cook will discuss rehoming an ex-racehorse, and the steps that will need to taken for the smoothest transition.

Fred and Rowena Cook

Thoroughbred Training Consultants – Equine Management and Training
Inc Rehoming Racehorses – A Life After Racing
RoR Approved Racehorse Retrainers
Retraining Consultants to Greatwood Charity
UK Agents: Ardall Equine & Rider Safety System
Authors: “Re-Educating Racehorses – A Life After Racing”

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